Is it too late to order for this year?

While November 15th is our final order deadline, if we have enough raw material or product on hand we would be delighted to fill your order up until December 15th. Please give us a call at 503-666-7896 for more details. 

What is a "fresh sample" and when can I get one?

A fresh sample is simply a fresh sample of one of our wreaths that your organization can use as a visual aid during your fundraising campaign. Fresh samples are available after October 15th. Please contact us to arrange for samples. 

How do I receive my order?

There are three options depending on your location and the size of your order. If you are in the Portland, Oregon area and order over 300 items you can arrange a free delivery. Any of our customers can arrange to pick up their order and out of area customers can either arrange their own shipping or have us ship them Bulk UPS in boxes of 10 items. 

How much does it cost to have my order shipped to me?

It depends greatly on your location. Generally speaking, the closer to Oregon you are the lower your Bulk UPS shipping charges will be. Refer to the Bulk UPS Shipping Chart to figure out your shipping zone and your price per item Bulk UPS shipping cost. 
(item price on current price list) + (shipping cost from Bulk UPS Shipping Chart) = total cost per item.

Can I order boxes so my customers can ship a wreath?

Yes.  We have individual boxes for the Swag, 18" Wreath and 22" Wreath. Box prices are on the wholesale price list.

What kind of bows do you have?

All of our swags and wreaths include a deluxe red and gold wired bow. Our garlands do not include bows. Extra bows are avaliable for $1.50 each.

What are your wreaths made out of?

Our wreaths are made of fresh cut high altitude noble fir, incense cedar with yellow cones and blue berried juniper.  Each wreath is handmade onto a wire clip frame which secures the boughs into place.  After each wreath is inspected for quality, size and weight three pinecones and a coat of preservative spray are added.  Our wreaths are stored in a cold storage facility from the day they are made until you receive your order to ensure each wreath stays fresh and beautiful.  

How long will my wreath stay fresh?

Your wreath should give you three to four months of enjoyment and great smells if keep outside during the winter.  Of course this depends on your particular climate.  To keep your wreath fresh try hanging your wreath outside and out of direct sunlight.  Spraying it lightly with water may freshen it up as well. 

When will the wreath I ordered arrive?

 All wreaths are shipped the Monday after Thanksgiving unless otherwise specified.  Shipping times are approximately 1-3 days for the Western states, 4-5 days for the Midwest and 5-6 for the East Coast. 

UPS Zone Map with transit times from Troutdale, Oregon.

UPS Zone Map with transit times from Troutdale, Oregon.