““Granstrom Team, Thank you for your wonderful service and amazing wreaths you have provided to our fundraisers. Have a very blessed Christmas.” - Janell G. of Oregon, December 2018.

“Erik, Thank you for another great season of fundraising.  Products looked great this year.” - Jen M. of Alaska, December 2018.

“Thank you for the wonderful wreaths.  It was a very successful year and everyone was very happy with their orders.” - Kathryn J. of Oregon, December 2018

“Thank you for the care you put into these beautiful wreaths every year. We are so proud to give these to our customers! See you next year!” - Sheila H. of Washington, November 2018

“Erik, I received the garland pieces and they are just beautiful!  Thank you so much for expediting my order.” - Carol F. of Texas, November 2018

"Dear Erik, Once again the wreaths were a huge hit with Steve's clients.  Thank you for making us look so good.  Happy New Year!"  - Sara L. of Oregon, December 2017

"Just received our garlands and send thanks for the prompt delivery. Your greenery makes our home unbelievably beautiful. Merry Christmas to all of you! 🎄" - Lillian and Don C. of Arizona, December 2017

"Ours arrived yesterday. Very nice. Another master piece. Enjoy the Christmas season."  - Erik S.  of Montana, December 2017

"The wreaths were beautiful again this year."  - Shelli L. of California, December 2017

"Just finished getting everything out to the kids!  Everything was just LOVELY!!!  Thank you so much!!!" - Katja F. of Oregon, November 2017

"The fundraiser went great!! Everyone loves the wreaths." - Tina W. of Oregon, December 2016

"Thank you for another great supply of wreaths!" - Barbara W. of Oregon, December 2016

"Lars, Erik, Thank you so much!  The wreaths were so well received by our clients!"  - Dianna W. of Oregon, December 2016

"Good Morning Erik;  I can’t thank you enough for the amazing wreaths!!!!  Our client appreciation party was a huge success and our clients were thrilled with your wreaths – so many appreciative comments & gratitude.  I really enjoyed meeting your Dad, he was a hoot!  But truly I can’t tell you how extremely pleased we were with your wreaths and your amazing customer service.  If we ever do another holiday party we will certainly be buying wreaths from your company.  Please tell all of your capable wreath makers how very happy we were with their hard work!  Happy Holidays to all of you!" -Tarrie M. of Washington, December 2016

"Thank you, Erik! It was a pleasure to work with you all - everyone loved their greens and commented on how high-quality the wreaths, swags, and garlands are. Thank you for helping us sell such a fabulous product!  Have a very happy holiday."  - Brie R. of Oregon, December 2016 

"They are so beautiful -- we got all sorts of compliments from the parents today!  Thanks so much!" - Amy H. of Oregon, December 2016

"Thank you Erik!  Everyone raved about your wreaths.  Can’t wait to do business again next year."  - Michelle J. of Oregon, November 2016

"Hello, Erik, Thank you again for helping us with our client gifts.   The UPS confirmations  are rolling in today!  Hope this holiday season is successful for you."  - Sara L. of Oregon, November 2016

"Thank you!  Can't wait to receive it :)  Wasn't the same last year without it.   You guys do great work!" - Rita P. of Texas, November 2016

"Thank you, we love getting wreaths from you!" - Kristina R. of Washington, November 2016

"Your customer service and fundraising process has been delightful, THANK YOU! Also, your products are beautiful."  - Marie D. of Oregon, December 2015

"We’ve gotten many lovely thank yous.  It's a great tradition. We’re so glad we found you all those years ago!!!" - Nancy A. of New York, December 2015

"Thank you - As always your greens are beautiful!" -  Ruth F. of Oregon, December 2015

"Erik, We got the wreaths.  Thank you.  Let your crew know they are beautiful!  Thanks!" - Susan G. of Oregon, December 2015

"Hi Erik, I just wanted to let you know how beautiful the wreaths were!!! Our customers loved them! I will be using you each year for our business!!! Thank you again for taking such good care of our business. I hope you have a wonderful 2015!" - Christie S. of Oregon, January 2015

"Just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with our wreath. I want to order one each year now so please put me on your followup list. It is STILL looking great and we are now half way through January. Thanks for a beautiful product." - Liz G. of Virginia, January 2015

"Christmas in Liberia: Here's the beautiful wreath in Liberia!  Ted and the unit love it.. And 'the fresh smell of Oregon'! Merry Christmas!" - Jackie M. of Oregon, December 2014

"I received the garland and it's absolutely beautiful! Great job. Thanks so much!" - Aimee D. of Texas, December 2014

"Your wreaths are beautiful! Thank you!" - Jeena S. of Oregon, December 2014

"Erik you and your company are awesome!!!!! We love working with you! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!" - Kourtnie H. of California, December 2014

"Erik, Thanks again for the beautiful wreaths and for the crew that delivered the wreaths on one of Corbett's windiest days. The wreaths are just beautiful and people have been very pleased them. We will certainly pass on the information to the group for next year re: your great service and beautiful wreaths as this is an annual fundraiser." - Heather G. of Oregon, December 2014

"Erik, Thank you as always for your wonderful customer service and understanding as we work with young Boy Scouts. Merry Christmas!" - John W. of Oregon, December 2014

"Hi Erik, I just received the beautiful wreath today. Can you put me on your mailing for next year? Thank you," - Birte K. of New York, December 2014

"Our clients have started calling in thank yous for the beautiful wreaths. Thank you for the good service!" - Beth D. of Oregon, December 2014

"Thank you again, I love these wreaths, I have been receiving them for years!!!" - Lisa W. of Texas, November 2014

"Hi Erik, It would not be Christmas without your beautiful wreaths and swags. We all look forward to receiving them. The best thing is that they smell wonderful and they last and last because they are so fresh when they arrive. Have a happy one and Thank You!" - Kathy Z. of California, November 2014

"Hi Erik, the Christmas wreaths and swags are amazing. Thank you sooo much. Thank you again and look forward to next year. Will shoot for much bigger order. Merry Christmas!" - Morna B. of California, December 2013

"I'm getting calls today thanking us for the wreaths, so they're being delivered. Thank you again for your help with our annual gift to clients. They appreciate it so much! Happy Holidays." - Tricia F. of California, December 2013

"Thank you so much for the great service! Merry Christmas to you all! My kids love receiving your wreaths every year!" - Sherill P. of Washington, December 2013

"Thank you, they are beautiful! Happy Holidays." - Stacey C. of Ohio, December 2013

"Thank you for the tracking numbers. I was wondering if there was a way to get them from you. A nice touch! Hope you enjoy the holidays." - Dena D. of Washington, December 2013

"Hello Granstrom's, Received the shipping notification from UPS on the wreaths order. I appreciate the extra step and knowing when the wreaths are scheduled to arrive. Have a Blessed Christmas!" - Rhoda S. of Oregon, December 2013

"Hi Erik, Wreaths all look fabulous! Everyone is very excited about getting them. Thanks again!" - Diane P. of California, December 2013

"Thanks for the beautiful evergreen decorations! This has been a great fundraiser and it's been a pleasure doing business with you." - Wendy C. of Washington, November 2013

"Thank you! Everyone loves your wreaths. Thank you for the quality work!" - Sue S. of California, November 2013

"We always have positive remarks about how beautiful the wreaths are that your company makes." - Kelly P. of Oregon, November 2013

"Glad to hear other programs down here on the gulf coast are getting involved. Y'all are offering a great seasonal product and awesome service!" - Tim C. of Louisiana, October 2013

"Hello, I am just writing to let you know we're very happy with the arborvitae we purchased from your business in April. So, thank you, thank you, thank you, for growing such healthy plants and selling them at such a reasonable price. I've been telling people about your business and we will be back again soon. Have a great summer!" - Cami and Rick J. of Washington, August 2013

"The wreaths and swags were as beautiful as ever. We look forward to working you folks next year." - Mellisa B. of Oregon, December 2012

"Your product is so beautiful and the quality exceptional. Every wreath and swag is amazing. I tried to pick out the best one for my mom, but they all look the same! Perfect! Have a wonderful holiday season and we will be doing business again with you in 2013!" - Anita S. of Alaska, December 2012

"The wreaths were beautiful! We get so many compliments on them each year." - Take Care, Bridgette L. of Michigan, December 2011

"Just wanted to let you know that the wreaths were delivered on time and in great shape. They were beautiful and waaaay better looking than the competition. Everyone was very impressed with the fullness and beauty of the combo of greens that you used." - Carol K. of California, December 2011

"Thank you so much for the quick turn around on my latest wreath order. They arrived today, just in time for our sales efforts this weekend!" - Regards, Monte S. of California, December 2010

"The wreaths and garlands are beautiful! They are fragrant, have a lovely mix of greenery, and are finely crafted. The wreaths arrived in good condition and the garlands are beautiful. It was nice to work with you. Have a wonderful holiday season." - In light and love, Carol D. of California, December 2010

"The wreaths are amazing, the aroma almost knocked me off my feet. Please know we greatly appreciate the quality of your product and are proud to sell them - we will have no problem doing that!" - Shela B. of California, November 2010

"I would just like to take this opportunity to say, once again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for such wonderful service and absolutely a wonderful product. All of our buyers absolutely loved either the wreath or the swag and have made us promise to put them on our list for next year. The product is of such high quality and oh, they smell so nice! We could have easily sold an additional 20 but to be honest I am glad we are done! Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday!" - Jeri M. of Alaska, December 2009

"Thank you for providing us with great wreaths for our fund raising this year. The wreaths sold really quickly, and everyone said that there were much fresher and nicer than previous in years with other suppliers. I also really appreciated how timely your deliveries were. You'll definitely have us a customers next year!" - Monte S. of California, December 2009

"My thanks for helping us spread the holiday cheer!" - Nancy A. of New York, December 2009

"The wreaths arrived yesterday. They are beautiful! Thank you so much for everything!" - Ann C. of California, December 2008. 

"As usual, the wreaths, garlands and swags look beautiful. Thank you." - Dave S. of California, December 2008. 

"Our swags and wreaths arrived, smelling so very good, yesterday. I have the two swags on my front doors and the wreaths spread throughout my house. The Oregon pine forest has arrived.☺ Every time I walk by a wreath I can smell it. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas and happy 2009 to you." - Kathy Z. of California, December 2008. 

"I've never received such a unique gift. Thanks!" - Glenda D. of Texas, December 2008.